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You've heard we are the best thing to happen to sending flowers, now is your chance to experience our blooms each month to your home, office, or as a gift to friends, family or special clients! Introducing the Fleurs Fraiche Flower Subscription.  We are taking our flowers to the next level by designing even more beautiful arrangements for our subscription holders!
We have subscription plans for everyone, monthly or bi-weekly, basic or LUXE - it's  your choice and we promise to give you the best- of -the best, fresher than the rest flowers. 

Benefits of our subscription include: 

- Free delivery (for London customers, outside of London half price! You pay a one time delivery upfront and all remaining delivery fees are complimentary or discounted!)
- Access to new releases first before we launch to the public
- Automatic billing (no more completing online checkouts) using the safest Square technology
- Exclusive bouquets and boxes not available for purchase anywhere else
- Elevate your everyday! Flowers have been found to trigger the brain to feel happier and less stressed!

Enjoy our beautiful blooms every day.....

Click here to order your subscription today!
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