Try our new pick-up and fresh flower cart location at 100 Kellogg Lane (inside the front atrium, 1st floor by the Starbucks!) every Friday and Saturday (check our Instagram for the most updated hours).
Our drivers deliver all over London and surrounding area with an 40km radius that includes most places like London, Strathroy, Stratford, St. Thomas, Tilsonburg, Dorchester, Ingersoll, Woodstock and more.  You can search your area for delivery, during checkout Our driver's ensure all packages arrive just as ordered, we knock or ring your doorbell but leave your order safely on your porch (unless otherwise instructed!)

We hope to deliver to your doorstep soon!

For any inquiries not answered on our website, you can call us at 519-857-7391, Tues-Sat, 9:00am-4:30pm